Europe has many world-leading laboratories in epigenetic research. Based on two diverse proposals, The Epigenome Network of Excellence (NoE) merged 25 research groups, plus 26 associate members and 12 NETs. This consortium successfully negotiated a grant of €12.5 million within the EU Framework 6 Programme (FP6) to establish a coherent European Research Area (ERA) in epigenetic research from 2004-2009. The NoE aimed:

  • to advance scientific discoveries via a joint research programme
  • to integrate young colleagues via the NET programme
  • to establish an open dialogue by building an interactive website

The Epigenome NoE was supported by a scientific advisory board comprised of D. Allis (New York), S. Elgin (St. Louis), P. Jones (Los Angeles), R. Martienssen (CSHL), V. Pirrotta (New Jersey), J. Rine (Berkeley), and C. Wu (NIH).